Dear moon, on the wintersky

(Claude Debussy <3)

~ Dear moon...~

When you finally arise, clearly, fair and pale as thou always hath been, thy beauty can not be described with my words, too shallow, nor by a tune, nor by this poem, because your comfort cannot be compared too much other earthly things, I want thou too know, pretty moon, not yet full, that I set you high, in all forms, but at your fullest most of all, that my love towards you is truely, unchanged. Thy sun amd thy awakening og spring cannot compete with you, you are one of thy things truely magic in this great, dangerous yet beautiful world. Why, I cannot know for sure, It is something about thee and thy spirit and aura that captivates me, captures me, catch me heart.

My dreams, desires, comes out to thee, in front of thee, in thy seducting and powerful air, like some dust, transparent, glittering fairy dust, that is not spread out into this world.That is not skinned and unwrapped towards harsh judgement like some candlelight that refuses to go out. Only between us, it stays.

Oh, moon..this words, what are they ? Too me, too you ?

These words, letters are from thy bottom of me heart, yet I cannot comprehend how much I value your comfort and your mystical beauty, you, against the airy, chill autumn and winter skies, at twilight you come out. Please, never leave me, please I hope within, forever in time, and place, let never your night light go out and let one of things truely magic disappear. Oh i will, I will praise thee again moon, another time, when you are full, I will do.

Till then, sleep tight.

Den fredagskvelden jeg tok disse bildene var virkelig magisk, og vakker. Det var iskaldt med s fint, og mnen var s klar. Alt var bltt..

// Marina

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15.nov.2010 kl.18:19

h, s stemningsfulle og vakre bilder!


15.nov.2010 kl.18:28

du er svrt pen


15.nov.2010 kl.21:16

, fantastisk nydelige bilder du har tatt <3 Dette innlegget hadde en fantastisk stemning :)


16.nov.2010 kl.18:09

Tonje: Tusen, tusen takk.

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