Eva Green

Wet rose

Buried Memories

The Drop



Night soon falls, day soon ends, a new number

By humankind

Arise to yet a new dawn.

Fair or dark, I do not see.

Minutes, seconds, imaginary, invisible machinery, engine

Ticking, a new era comes,

To me, For me, Only now.

Pastel and golden dreams,

Dreamers become one,

One force.

Ironed by us, we that now are livng, we alone.

And yet earlier comes the sun, darkness I commend: disappear!

Long behind thy pale gleamings of the horizon we seem never to see.

For now, no, not here, it is in hiding.

Flickering also, flickering bits, that life endure, continues forever, circle of life.

Through fire and ice, like beauty an eternal mystery, an eternal joy for so a few.

Like these words, leaves these marks, print, ink.

But even more to come, more to go, more to taste, more to feel, to breathe, breathe you there, far wide open.

For all that is indeed worthy of a token of love, a love,

Love poem, faeiry-tale come true,

Your own choosing, for every day new,

Every day a little litlle, small, life.

Go on, go on, all you fair,

Please feel it, feel thy soft breeze,

Perfumed casts of spring, so tender,

Thy stroking summer-wind, touches your face.

Now you can feel it, everything is here.

And alas, at last dreams now unfold, undiscovered desires,

With thy heart of yours you must

Learn to love still, quietly yet free

And for every time in sight of a new full moon is above, and for every other sunsets,

I will rebirth, with my soul burning,

Because it its so:

A new era can be seen, behold behind my pathways, even more forest, sea after sea.

(Dette er kind of drlig, det vet jeg, men jeg flte for skrive noe p nyttrsaften fordi jeg hadde s mange formuleringer og tanker akkurat da, derfor ble dette da produsert)

// Marina (:

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08.jan.2011 kl.00:07

hvem er det som lager slik ubeskrivelig nytelse og sorg for hrselen.. ?


08.jan.2011 kl.11:53

FAY: Ikke meg ?

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